All payments are made directly to efeezee global as stated
in its T&C page on the website. Any payment made outside
our T&C is not recorded and has no guarantee.
Our T&C guarantees a full refund in the event that a client
is not satisfied (does not get the quality of job expected as
described by the service provider before commencing the
design). The client is covered by efeezee’s T&C only if
payment(s) was made using the right channels.
Efeezee releases client’s payment(s) to service provider
immediately after client orders efeezee to do so using job
approval channels on client’s account. Efeezee has the right
to release payment(s) to service provider 48 hours after job
has been received by client without any response from the client.

For efeezee MARCH PROMO there is no refund of payments except in the event that the package wasn’t delivered to the client, in this case the client will expect a full refund within 24 hours of request.

Feel free to contact us on info@efeezee.com